Monday, February 28, 2011

They Are Here And Safe

Well the family managed to finally get out from Christchurch on Thursday, It took a while as they had to find places for most of the animals. Nearly all the bridges are out near them in Avondale, and traffic was really congested.
They are so pleased to be out of the chaos and getting showers, water, toilets, power and most importantly a good nights sleep and no aftershocks. It is really hard for them to decide what to do as they own their own home and have to go back sometime and see how there house has been assessed, it is more damaged than last time with their front concrete walls all down. Most possessions in their house are ruined.
It is so terrible hearing all the sad sad stories coming out of Christchurch. More big aftershocks today which wont help the recovery.
It is lovely to have the cousins all together last night for tea and having fun and happy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Worst Of Times

On Tuesday a massive earthquake struck Christchurch with many lives lost. You can read about it here. My daughter and family live in Avondale in Ch Ch. They are at the moment trying to get out to get to me here in Nelson. They have managed to get petrol and some of their animals into care of some sort. The house is still standing but everything is trashed in it and no hope of water power sanitation any time soon they are better to leave if they can and recharge and get some sleep food and showers, the aftershocks have been horrendous. Thank God they are alive.
I haven't had much sleep over the last few nights and cant begin to imagine what life is like for so many families there and around NZ and the world. My prayers are with all especially the rescuers that are doing a fantastic job. My cousin and her husband are traveling to Ch Ch for there flight out so dont know how they will get on.
Will keep posted.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

This last week has been very busy what with having visitors out from the UK, barbecues and spending time with the family. Joel stayed last night and we got up early for a trip to Isel Park and House before it got too hot. It was a lovely morning and nice and cool underneath the trees, there were already lots of people about walking dogs and themselves, also an art group were setting up for a bit of painting what better place for a bit of recreation. The house didn't open until 11 am so we explored the huge trees and stream that meanders through the Park. On the way home we brought a enormous watermelon and boy did we enjoy it after waking home in that heat!
I have also been doing a little knitting trying once again to u
se up my stash.
I made a Fratello my second one, a lovely pattern by Tikki this is her blog.
I also made a pair of fingerless mitts out of some leftover VP sock yarn they turned out lovely, just a perfect fit. Trying to think of what to make next, nothing too heavy with this heat! Enjoy your day wherever you are.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anzac Biscuits

Yesterday had another baking day, bread and Anzac biscuits. I have been having a few problems with my bread due to the high heat and humidity, it has been rising too much and spilling over the top and it has holes in it. All in the freezer for some friends, so hope it is okay.
I was given a recipe for Anzac Biscuits and it its the best ever, no running and spreading over the tray, these keep their shape well and are really delicious.
Recipe for Anzac Biscuits
Preheat Oven to 150 cel

1 Cup Flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Coconut
1 Cup Rolled Oats
Mix all these ingredients together.

Melt in a large bow until bubbling
2 Tbsp Golden Syrup
The recipe says 150 g butter but she used 120g and so did I, it worked out fine.
2 TLBS Hot Water
1 Tsp Baking Soda
Dissolve soda in water then stir into bubbling butter mixture. Pour into dry ingredients and mix well.
Roll into balls and press with fork on tray
Cooking time 15 to 20 min. I found 15 mins was okay for me but it does depend on your oven.
I went to a new Church on Sunday and enjoyed it, it will be so much better for me as I can walk there.
t has been really hot and humid here the last few weeks some days it got to 30 deg, we dont usually get extremes of temps here but I am not complaining all too soon it will be winter.
Been quite hard to knit using wool, so have been making wash cloths in cotton. I did make another Tam, this time in 8 ply so it has come out small perhaps fit a toddler I changed the pattern around a bit the top looks like a spiders web.
I have also made a Summer Flies Shawl using some stash I had got from an op shop only cost me about $4 This was a lovely easy knit as I so love written patterns. I am not a fan of charts.

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Oparara Arch

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