Monday, September 27, 2010

Spring IS In The Air.......

Well finally it feels like spring is in the air. I do so love this time of the year,
I love the way there is a promise of new life.
I love the blossoms on the trees and new plants pushing through the earth.
I love the way the birds are singing a new song.
I love the different light.
I love the longer days.
I love the promise of summer.
I love the thought of fresh crunchy salads.
I love the thought of of picking juicy raspberries.
There are so many things I love about spring but most of all I love the fragrance that permeates the air in the evenings so heady you couldn't in a million years bottle that! Another blessing from God to enjoy. There really is 'Spring in the Air'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hail Rain and Shine

Today has been quite cold with gales, rain, hail also sun at times so that was nice. Been out a bit this week, went to my friends Ruth for a catch up, when I returned 2 parcels were waiting for me. I seem to be blessed this last week or so with unexpected parcels. One was from my other daughter in Christchurch who sent a big bag of my favourite Earl Grey tea-bags, 2 Sherbet Dabs and a Walnut Whip to remind me of my childhood in England, some makeup and perfume samples and nail polish, I am really spoilt. The other parcel was from the lovely Morag from Vintage Purls, with 2 lovely skeins of sock yarn in a blood red so scrummy and a nice blue not sure what I will be doing with them yet, have to be something special for that red!
It seems the aftershocks have quitened down in
Christchurch thank goodness, hopefully they will soon get a good nights sleep.
On the knitting side of things I have made 2 Pebble Vests. and I am on my third, love the colourway of this wool from The Wool Company
it is called Mangrove and is lovely to knit with. I am going to try my hand at making polymer clay buttons for these. There are some lovely ones around for sale, here at Buttons by Benji.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not My Birthday BUT..............

These goodies arrived the other day from my daughter Julie. It isn't even my birthday so what a surprise. A small pot of Manuka honey, some lovely Wool Company Wool, Mangrove colourway , a pair of handmade slippers, the cutest little pear pincushions, I have tried to make these but the work that goes into them was beyond me! A tea tote in lovely lime green that had 2 ginger and lemon tea-bags in. I have made these and were quite straight forward even for me. I am on my 4th fair isle hat and am loving the black which makes Vintage Purls yarn looks like jewels.
Having a day at home today to do lots of chores baking etc , its now raining and my third lot of washing is on........ Oh well that is Spring for you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Greymouth Break

Water feature at the CCS house in Greymouth

Have just arrived back from 4 nights away in Greymouth with my D and family. We arrived to freezing cold, rain and hail! That was just the start of it as at 4 35 am we were awoken by a strong quake and being in a new house were disorientated and I couldnt find the door. Soon after my cell rang and it was my D living in Christchurch hysterical asking if we were okay as they had had a massive quake 7.1 and everything had come down. Her small daughter was thrown from her bed! They were unhurt and the house seems to be okay but with the intensity of aftershocks happening that may change they are all traumatized especially now her husband has had to return to work. They still cant shower and are boiling all water and cant flush toilets. They are still in survival mode. They are hoping to see some Porta Loos soon! The roads in their area are bad as the river is just at the end of their street, fissures and cracks in roads and ground. It was an absolute miracle that no one was killed because at 4 35 am most people were asleep. I wish they would move out but not easy with 2 dogs and 3 cats.
Here are a few pics they sent last night some are near them. The cracked road is down the end of their street and there are lots of these sand volcano's everywhere.
I am just thankful they are okay. I am off to update my survival kit!
Apart from that we had a relaxing weekend even though it rained most of the time.
We took the kids to the pools and were most impressed with them and the amount of help given for people with disabilities, even had a wheelchair that went right
down a ramp into the pool! They even turned on the hydroslide
for the kids, they had a great time. First class A1 to them.
It was nice to see the daffodils out too when I returned home a nice bit of colour in the garden

Oparara Arch

Oparara Arch

Bush Robin?

Bush Robin?
Sharing Lunch

Mirror Tarn

Mirror Tarn

Bush Walk

Bush Walk
Nearly There

Scotts Beach

Scotts Beach
Worth the Walk