Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tree Time Again

Well its that special time of year again with me decorating the tree with the grandchildren. We have done the tree had lots of treats, treasure hunt and now a Christmas Movie!!! This tree must be more than 25 years old it was one of the first trees that were not real and it has done us proud it looks lovely each year. Sad thing is here in New Zealand we cant put choc decorations on because it is too hot sweltering today, but I am not complaining. Yesterday picked the first raspberries of the season,
there really is nothing nicer.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Worth It

I decided I need to do more exercise and walking is the best option for me, and uphill walking is not my fave but need the cardio!! It is all worth it though when I get to end my walk by going through this lovely park. Isel Park
Hope you enjoyed your walk with me!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dyeing and more Dyeing with a little Knitting!

Where have the last 2 months gone? It has been a busy time with several birthdays, mine included. Before we know it Chridtmas will be here and I am not prepared!!!I have been doing more dyeing and have made myself a lovely top Elfe is the pattern on Rav and have been wanting to make this for ages. Now I can dye my own wool it makes it easier to choose the right colours. I decide to go for a dark navy/black nd bright cerise pink and they look great together. I would totally recommend this pattern its do easy and effective like others have said next time I would do the jogless stripe down
one side.
I realize that while taking these pics I do need a new camera just cant capture the colours correctly. I have also done some baby knitting. I made three Marjie little shrugs this is a new pattern by Julia Stanfield, very quick and easy and takes very little yarn 50 gr for the smallest but I was using DK instead of 10 ply.
I also made a sweet baby cardi type shrug in 4ply merino that i hand dyed. I love this it is called NB vertebrae and is so cute and one again takes a bout 50 gr yarn. This is by Kelly Brooker. I have just finished my SIL a pair of plain socks in VP yarn that I over dyed (sacrilege I know) to be a more male colour they came out a lovely chocolate brown. Well Linds is just on her way to pick me up to go to her house then perhaps for a coffee. Have a good week wherever you are. From sunny Nelson!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


These came out of my garden just in time for the first day of Spring. I am home after nearly 5 weeks away. Lind's and Josh had the opportunity to stay a extra week at the Wilson Home because he was coming on in leaps and bounds! The kids were great had no problems at all, they both got their own school lunches and breakfast each day they were very organized!! It was lovely to be back though even though its just a few mins away. I had ordered some new dyes and couldn't wait to get started on experimenting with them. It's a lot harder than you think to get what you want, but really there are no failures as all can be over-dyed, or used in my 10 stitch blanket I am making. I really didn't do much knitting while I was a way except on the blanket which was mindless knitting which is what I wanted. I started on a lovely hat pattern by Tin Can Knits, 'Barley' its free and so easy. In fact I made a hat similar to it years ago and have been looking everywhere for it as it was a great pattern. I am making it in Skeinz Naked 10 ply which I dyed purple colours, its looking good! Hope you are having a good weekend wherever you are and enjoy the first of Spring if in this part of the world.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spring Greens

Well one week is done at the Tolmie household. Apart from Joel getting sick things went okay. I came home for the weekend and managed to dye these skeins of wool a lovely green the first attempt was too light so did the same over-dyed and came out pretty much how I wanted. Trying to dye 3 + 200 grams the same shade provided a challenge and it means I have to go looking for a bigger dyepot! Lovely weather for dyeing got to 19 deg! Today back to rain and colder. The colour is somewhere between the two photo's. I also started a Beyond Peurperium in my handdyed merino and it is BRIGHT!!!! quite like the way it is pooling. Well Josh if you are reading this on your laptop in Auckland hopw you have had a great weekend and have another good week, keep up the good work!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Filling In

Well Josh and Lindsey are off to the Wilson Home in Auckland today for 3 weeks of therapy. The other 2 will be staying behind this time and I will be staying to lend a hand, Dan will still be at home. They will all go up in the middle for a few days so that will be something nice to look forward to.
Joel and Georgia are busy doing some crafts with me as they are a bit sad. I have also been dyeing more wool and have been having some good results. The kids and Dan came round the other weekend and cleared out my little shed and now it is my designated dyeing space yay!! I have also been knitting a few things a Pebble Vest Benji Hat and many others. It was a shame I couldnt get to the Richmond Market the other week as it was blowing a gale, its a shame its only once a month! Josh also requested some socks for Auckland and only told me Thurs night (no pressure aye Josh?) He provided the VP sock yarn which he is a fan of. Turned out lovely here on my Ravelry page Well better go and pack things and relish the quiet while I can ha ha!!.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

So Much Fun

I have been having so much fun dyeing wool. Its lovely seeing all these colours appear not knowing how they are going to turn out but hey that is half the fun!! I have also been entering in a couple of KAL (knitalongs) In the knit for boys group on Rav I finished Alec a pattern by Sarah Ronchetti. I have knitted a couple of Sarah's patterns before and they are great and easy to follow.I was lucky enough to win the Alec pattern thanks to Sarah. Another was in the Budding Designers Downunder Group.I made a few things in NZ yarn. Well it is lovely and sunny today so I am in the middle of dyeing some yarn you next time!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brr Winter Is on Its Way

Very cold this morning but lovely and sunny, there is something I like about going for a walk on a cold winters morn, although generally I am not a fan of the cold in any shape or form. Been very busy knitting up a storm doing lots of Milo's for MiloMay 2013, a KAL on Ravelry. I am currently on number 6!! What I like about this patten you can so make it your own in many different ways. Cables stripes fair isle embellishments, this puts your stamp on a very clever pattern. I have also purchased the Bloom pattern another of Tikki's and have done a couple that just have to have the finishing touches put on a very versatile and practical pattern and i do like practical!!This pattern grows with your child or baby which is great, I see many more of these. I have started hand dyeing yarn which has been a lot of fun it is exciting seeing how things turn out, have tried different methods, crockpot, steamer, painted on and microwave. Have had trouble getting the dye out even when it has exhausted. Trial and error I think. I also had a lovely surprise the other week when I won a competition on a KAl on Rav with the Natural star group.I made the Flower Hat pattern and won some lovely Olive and Emma hand dyed wool. I also had some luck in scoring some Addi fixed circular needles off of Trademe for such a good price. My knit picks interchangeable were needing to be replace bit by bit so I was delighted to get these. I had purchased some of these when we were in Auckland a couple of years ago and loved them. They came in a lovely case with few extras.There were about 16 pairs, It sure makes my life easier when I can just get the right size needle without screwing and unscrewing cables etc. Well I am freezing sitting here so must get another layer on. Keep warm all. Janet

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Things

Ive been quite busy since the last post with my knitting (of course) I also had a market at the end of last month and did quite well. Exciting news is that I am now licenced to knit for sale the fab Milo pattern by Georgie Hallam aka Tikki on Ravelry. At the moment Tikki has a KAL with her group on Ravelry so if you are not a member go along and join, you will not regret it. At the moment I have made 2 Milos for May and I seem to be drawn to stripes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Autumn Bounty

The other week we went out to pick some tomatoes, well I didn't intend to but after trying some of the most delicious tomatoes I have ever eaten, decided to pick even though it was so hot and I didn't have any sun protection! it took me all of 5 min to pick a big bucket.These are I think the Roma variety. Now what to do with them. I have made two lots of semi dried they are so flavorsome.  Gave some away and have still a big bowl to probably make some type of sauce.
It was Joel's 9th birthday on Sat so I stayed overnight to see him open his presents. The next day we went out for lunch at the Club Waimea with the family forgot my camera so took this of us later on. A lovely weekend.
Haven't really got much to report on the knitting front,started Dans socks and I brought a pattern from Tikki on Ravelry using my discount that I received for the KAL last year. She is having another KAL at present called "A walk in the Woods" featuring 2 patterns Granny's Favourite and What Big Eyes You Have these are both lovely patterns and I am waiting on some wool from Utiku Yarns and The Wool Company so I can get cracking "Knitting" and enter!!
I have also applied to Georgie Hallam aka Tikki on Ravelry to purchase a license to knit the Milo pattern, but am thinking I would love to knit more of her designs for sale,  who could stop at one really!!!! I am thinking of doing the Nelson Market this year, see how it goes.
Well it is lovely to see the rain after so long without, the garden is looking green already especially the weeds! I even have some Feijoas on my new bushes, I really didn't expect any this first year, also the lemon tree that we replanted that everyone gave up for dead has lots of blossoms and a few tiny lemons are appearing, lovely I cant wait!    
Have a good week everyone

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Little Pickles

I have been quite busy making a couple of these little vests Pickles Plain Vest this is such a sweet pattern and its free in size 1. Using the Wisdom Poems silk wool it came out about NB to 3 months,  more 3 months I think. Its lovely to have a girly type vest as most are of the boy type. I  love these colours.The button I made are perfect for this.
Also this beauty arrived on my doorstep, the 3 rd installment of the VP summer sock club. A lovely lace pattern for socks, not my colour unfortunately, sure it will suit somebody! delicious fudge and a lovely wee notebook .It is always exciting receiving these packages each month, even more so for the winter ones when the days drag out.
I also finished Ps socks for his birthday which were very well received. Now to finish Dans for his birthday!
I also started a project that could go for some time, another one of my garter stitch blankets. I have previously made one but got bored with it, so made it smaller throw for chair, this one I am determined to make to fit double bed. I have cast on 300 stitches and do one colour a row leaving a long end for tassels every six rows. I have so much old stash yarn that is is lovely to see knitted up into something useful. This one will be blues purple pinks etc, I have enough wool for one in creams browns peach shades. This will keep me busy during winter.
I made some lovely semi sun dried tomatoes, sorry no picks ate them!! the recipe was very easy and was from this lovely blog that I follow Foxs Lane
Well its another glorious day here in sunny Nelson, so much enjoying our beautiful autumn days, hotter than summer!!!
Take care all and have a great day wherever you are .

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Chicky Finished

Finished my Chickadee yesterday and have since put buttons on but not comletely happy with them. This was a prototype to see how the fit was and I must say it fits very well. I will definitely be making another, next time hopefully will get the birds right!!! It has been a mission knitting this in the lovely hot weather we are having at present, when I wear it in the winter I will think of those far off days!
Trying to get a pair of socks finished for someones birthday soon, its the deadline that is pushing me on as I have sort of lost my sock knitting mojo. I am knitting them of course in another skein of VP, which I love and so does the recipient.
Today I had 2 of the grandkids we went to Isel Park again and this time went into the House we had lunch outside and we had a quick visit, I think the kids liked  seeing all the old things, but were too  scared to open the door marked 'Skeleton' so it was left to me! It was a scary dressed up manequin!  good job they had warned us! As the kids paddled in the stream it made me think how blessed  we are to have this lovely park right on our doorstep.
Well it is too hot to knit tonight and nothing on TV so will head off for a sort of early night.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I started a new project the other day, Chickadee by designer Ysolda Teague.  I have admired this on Ravelry for some time and decided too use up some old stash to do a trial run before splurging out on new yarn. I have brought one of ysolda's patterns before and liked her style,  easy to follow.
This is a bit challenging with lots of new things learnt. Found it quite difficult doing stranded work on purl rows my birds not too good , but I can live with it. Also I have been put off for ages doing anything much with short rows, but found this tutorial and  it  is so easy to do, dont know why I was so scared of them.
Had to go up to a size 40 even though I am a 38  but my waist is bigger, tried on before doing waist shaping and it seems spot on. I did do the sleeves one repeat shorter as my arm length is shorter than size I am doing.

I am using up some old Madonna Perendale superwool, have used this before and washes up nice and soft and can see this being well used and warm for the cooler months to come. I will definitely be making another,  I think in nicer wool  and colours, trying to find something in larger hanks or cones as I hate joins.

I have also made a few Milo vests, love this pattern. Made them in Possum Merino wool and did  a little bit of crochet chain for the branch and buttons for eyes love how it turned out.
Been away for a few days with the family to Hanmer Springs, it was so hot there 34 deg that tar was melting on the roads. Then I had 2 nights in Christchurch can you believe it was 11 deg brr!!!
We rented a lovely house that was near a lovely walk and cycle track and found a  stream that the grandkids could plunge in to get cool it was lovely.  The track was great  for Josh as he could ride his bike on the tracks as it was all shade with lots of trees. Hanmer is a lovely place at  any time of the year.
I dont seem to have many pics but Linds friends took some with me and kids so hopefully will get them at some stage.
Well am looking after Joel and Georgia as Josh has hydrotherapy at lunchtime, we are going up the shops and they can help with my shopping!!
Have a lovely week

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Oparara Arch

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Bush Robin?
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