Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I really mixed this pattern up, in a good and not so good way. Made a few mistakes but was liking the colours and decided to do a few stripes on the top I really love it but the tension was a bit too tight and barely fits Joel. I have already started another for Georgia as she thinks it is trendy. My gauge so much better and will probably fit me now I decided to go up a size! cant win..... but I will get it right.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tangled Up

Dull rainy day today just right for baking and some knitting. I have got a loaf of bread rising and have just made some Date Scones. I just added a cup of chopped dates to dry ingredients

Elfin Scones

450 gr S.R flour (eg 3 1/2 cups flour 6 tsp B. P

1tsp salt

50 gr butter

350 mil milk

Stir mixture of flour salt B.P. Rub butter into flour make well in centre and add milk I usually put a little water in the milk. Stirring quickly and lightly to soft dough. Turn onto floured board and knead lightly 10 times with fingertips. Roll to 15mm 3/4-inch thickness and shape as desired. Glaze tops with milk and beaten egg Bake 230 (450) for 10-15 mins.

Been trying to use up some of my odds and ends of sock yarn and found this pattern Mini Mochi Fair-isle Hat and Mittens Pattern. Trying to practice stranded work it takes me ages to do a row and my finger is full of puncture holes! and my yarn is all tangled I suppose practice will make perfect . It will be interesting to see how the gauge goes as it is looking quite small.

Well the sun is trying to come out to brighten up the day cant believe that we have had quite a mild winter and it is the first day of spring in a couple of days!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunday Market Shawl

What a super pattern, very clever. Sunday Market Shawl Stockinette quite boring but how lovely is it to unravel those dropped stitches!. Cast on 36 stitches and only used about 65g and it measures out at 62”x12” with a lovely drape will be making this one again for sure.I didnt even block it just washed it and laid it out straight! Only took me just over 1 day I used 4 ply for this but you could do it any weight. Love the colour of this "Sealing Wax" from Vintage Purls as always
Finally on the mend from the flu thank goodness,It is nice to get out of the house again. It seems to be doing its rounds here at present.
Spring is almost on its way, I have found several daffodils just budding after having years dormant Yay some colour at last.
May be going away next weekend with the family to the coast (Greymouth) so I am looking forward to that.
Have a good weekend all

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something New

Yesterday I decided that I needed to try some stranded colourwork before I tackled any of the V P designs for birds and bugs from the Sock Clubs.
I found this pattern on Ravelry, Fair Isle Flower Socks They looked easy enough for a first project and trying my hand at knitting with 2 yarns one in right throwing the yarn and the other continental knitting , it was a bit fiddly at first but soon got the hang of it . I only used the motif pattern, and knit the rest using my basic sock pattern. It was miles too tight and my GD who is 8 could barely get it over her heel. My tension must be soo tight, I think the problem is I have just started knitting magic loop on one circular needle and it has made my tension much tighter than DPNS. Also the continental style is very tight. The other sock I am going to try DPNs and see how I go.( I found that using DPNS made the tension okay still a little tight though may have to try larger circs)I must admit I love doing this colourwork once I get the tension sorted.
It is a beautiful day here in Nelson as we had a very hard frost, but beautiful sunny morning. I went for a long walk quite early, must do this more often to enjoy this lovely walk seeing the snow capped mountains. We very often miss seeing what is right on our doorstep!

Oparara Arch

Oparara Arch

Bush Robin?

Bush Robin?
Sharing Lunch

Mirror Tarn

Mirror Tarn

Bush Walk

Bush Walk
Nearly There

Scotts Beach

Scotts Beach
Worth the Walk