Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loving This

I am so loving this wool, it is Crazy Sock Zauberball in colourway Kleiner Fuchs.
Morag of Vintage Purls has imported a selection of Zauberball in lace, crazy sock and single sock. I looked at all the projects made with this and decided I would just do a plain sock, so I could just enjoy the colour changes made by this delightful yarn. I am already planning what colours next to buy, too many choices and I want them all!
Today is miserable rain gales and cold..... oh well it is spring!!
In the week went to my friends house, it was a glorious sunn
y day and the views from her garden over the sea and snow capped Southern Alps were just stunning. Took some pics but not very good, was trying to capture the colours of the blue mountains and sea.
I am out for tea tonight to friends for my birthday tomorrow. How the years roll by!
Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not Quite Finished

Haven't got much to report on the knitting front except 2 little tops knitted from the top down which I love, with no seaming which is always a bonus.
First is Boheme which is a lovely little tunic top, I downloaded this when it was free but now it has been revised to add larger sizes and well worth the $6US. I did this in Patons Smoothie. I have yet to find some nice buttons for this.
I have just finished another Pebble Vest
in a sort of apple green, this has to be one of my favourite knits, so easy and done flat in one piece, there are a few ends to sew in though.
Had a busy day washing nets and windows, now its raining wouldn't you know it!
Had Georgia over for a sleep over. We made shortbread that was very yummy, even if it was overcooked we both decided we liked it that way anyway! The recipe is very easy.

9 0z butter
12 oz flour
1 cup of icing sugar.
Mix altogether and form into a roll cut into slices and bake 160 - 180 deg for around 15 min's.
I don't know where this originated from but its old.
Looks like there is another cold front coming brr...... roll on summer.
Have a lovely weekend wherever you are.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Winter Sock Club No 3

This arrived to cheer up my week. It was the 3rd installment of Vintage Purls winter sock club, it is lovely to have something to look forward to over the winter months.
This one had some lovely chocolate goodies in some sticky notes and a little heart bead. The pattern is called Leaflink which incorporates
cables into the design and doesn't look too complicated. The wool is shades of blue and purple,
very nice.
I have still been knitting the pebble vests and some Sucky Thumb Mitts here on Ravelry to go with them out of scraps I had left. I love that you can use up every little bit.
Lovely day here in Nelson, birds singing and the sky is blue, still a nip to the air but its lovely to see everything so lush and green.
Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are.

Oparara Arch

Oparara Arch

Bush Robin?

Bush Robin?
Sharing Lunch

Mirror Tarn

Mirror Tarn

Bush Walk

Bush Walk
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Scotts Beach

Scotts Beach
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