Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was very excited to cast on for my first Milo vest I have been longing to knit this for a long

time as over 4000 people have knitted this on Ravelry. Love the simplicity of this knit all done in the round, no seams ...... Bliss!

Tikki the designer on Ravelry has a bit of a competition going in May to knit her design and to win some lovely yarn.

I made both for James who is 2 and I made the size 3 with 4 length and just fits him! I am loving the autumn colours right now. The first I made with mainly Vintage Purls Max a beautiful soft and squishy Merino wool.

I have just finished a second in Avocado and Oasis from The Wool Company Utiku wools. While this is not as soft as the Max I think it will be very warm and hard wearing I washed it is conditioner for blocking to soften it a little.

I have also made several Reike Hats for the Grandchildren big and small, its such an easy pattern and quite trendy in its simplicity.

Been enjoying the beautiful sunny Autumn days after the frost, this is a lovely time of the year the colours are so beautiful can you tell I love autumn colours and they are the ones I like to wear!

I am still ploughing through my Still Light Tunic it is an epic knit, I'm liking it so far, have nearly finished the first sleeve and only got one more then the pockets. I can see this being very warm for winter.

Have a great week all


Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today the family came round for lunch just as I was putting these in the oven.

I havent made these for years and years but always made these when my children were small.

The recipe came from the first book I brought after emigrating to NZ when we lived in Matamata in 1974.

The recipe calls them Banbury cakes but I know them as Eccles cakes, think they will now be known as Speccles cakes as that is what Josh thought they were!!!

Here is the recipe I did put in the ground almonds but never used too, they are nice either way andthe lot minus 2 got eaten in next to no time a real winner here.

The Recipe

8 oz puff pastry

2oz butter

2oz brown sugar

1 egg yolk

4 oz currants ( I put a mix 6oz, currants and mixed fruit as I had it in the pantry

2 oz chopped candied peel( this I omited as it was in the mixed fruit)

2 Tlbs ground almonds

1/4 tsp mixed spice

Roll out pastry thinly and cut into 5 inch 13 cm rounds. Cream butter and sugar til soft beat in egg yolk, then the curant peel almonds and spice. Put 1tsp, I put a little more. On each pastry round draw edges together moistening top edge. Press lightlytogether to form oval or circle as mine were and turn over and flatten with hand. Brush with milk and sprinkle thickly with sugar ( i used white sugar) and bake for 25 mins I couldnt read the temp so cooked mine at about 175

I wont be buying mine from the bakery anymore these are so flaky and light and so delicious!!!

I had some wool arrive from Utiku The wool company today so I have lots of projects to be getting on with.

I started my first Milo pattern yesterday and am loving this have been wanting to make one for ages, It is being held again this year for Milo May where people get together on Ravelry to knit the pattern. I have taken some pics but not quite finished and cannot get the colours right will try and get better pics with Dans camera.

Lovely day here today, the sun finally burst through the cloud at lunchtime

Do have a lovely weekend friends and family wherever you are.


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