Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tonight me and the grand kids are decorating the tree at my place, while Mum and Dad are out shopping. This has become a tradition in our family.We started with a lolly hunt which was so  much fun, then desert which was  chocolate cream puffs with  raspberries and these delicious Eccles  or Banbury cakes.We then decorated the tree and its looks great.Josh has helped me load on these photos its great having a helper.
Much fun is being had by all!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Very Excited!!

I have been trying not very sucessfully to be patient while waiting for this awesome book to arrive from Scotland. It is called Colors Of Shetland by Kate Davies and I was not dissapointed. It is a beautiful book that combines my love of knitting and history and much more, beautiful patterns, most of them beyond my capabilities I think, but I am going to try one or two! Problem is the wool used is from Jamieson and Smiths in the Shetland Isles which makes it quite expensive with the postage. The colours are so lovely and this place has been going for years. One day I would love to visit...... oh well we can all dream!!!!
This is a fantastic Christmas present to myself and would be for anyone interested in knitting, patterns and history of the Shetlands.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Camping Out!

Well as the title sugests I have not been camping out! In fact I have been tirelesly making these Camp Out Mitts by Tante Ehm. I even splashed out and brought two balls of Noro wool and I was not dissapointed even with the uneveness and bits in it , the colour changes are so beautiful, would love to buy more and more but hard to find in Little Old NZ. I did manage to get some Wisdom yarn from Spotlight while not as nice as Noro it comes a close second especially the Wisdom Poems Silk. I have been making these for Christmas gifts I am sure they will come in handy for next winter. I also made a couple of Honey Cowls which like the Camp out mitts is a free pattern on Ravelry. I have not been a fan of cowls (short neck and all) I made 2 of these in wisom pems and one in silk the silk gives a nice drape and fell in love with it.
Also I have made my first Noro Striped Scarf 11528 people have made this so figured as i had some Wisdom Yarns with long colour repeats would put it with some nice brown Perendale wool I had, pleased with it and I managed to get the edging right after a couple of rows.
Having some lovely weather here at present after such a rainy spring.
Do have a great weekend wherever you are.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miss Jane

Yesterday I finished a lovely knit by Tikki (Georgia Hallam) on Ravelry. I knitted this in a very economical wool,  Harvest by Skeinz. I almost used 8 balls and all up it cost only $32 !!!.It is perfect for this time of year when the chill winds still blow! The wool blocked out lovely and soft and will be nice and warm to wear.
I also found this deldightful pattern on Ravelry it is called Seamless Kimono Sweater by Jacki Kelly, I really enjoyed knitting this and have made two and hope to do one of her other designs Seamless Baby Kimono

this is a free pattern for small sizes while others are paid but a very versatile pattern to add to your to go baby outfits.
Hmnnnn......... what to make next !!!!!!?
Have a great week wherever you are

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Tonight I celebrated a special birthday with family.  Had a great day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spring has Sprung (I think!)

Well today arrives nice and sunny but blusterly and NO rain yay!
Ive been busy in the knitting front doing some more of Tikki's patterns and joining in with her spring KAL on Ravelry. First up I purchased the lovely pattern Acacia mainly because Georgia has had her eye on it for some time but alas it only goes up to size 10 but her chest size is that so will try and purchase some cotton which seems hard to do here in Nz. I made the 12 months size out of one skein of VP Max, this is a lovely yarn and the teal colourwauy was so rich and saturated I just cant capture it with my camera. Might try this in some of VP sock yarn but will take much longer than the day it took me to do this one.
I also cast on yesterday and finished an Adams Eden for 3 months size using Utiku wool, another lovely quick knit from Tikki.
Another little addiction of mine has been to make these delightful Owlie Puffs once I started couldn't stop they are soooo CUTE.
I also purchased the Beyond Puerperium  (this one goes up to size 2 )and is a very useful top and have made 2 of these up in VP Max, one for a friends grandson I also made buttons to try and match but decisions decisions!! I also had a market on Friday and sold some handmade buttons.
I have had a busy time in the last few weeks it was the twins 11 year  birthday what a milestone, every year I am so thankful  for them as these little ones were born at 24 weeks and were only 700 g each!!
Also had my 13 year old grandaughter come and stay from Christchurch for 2 weeks of the school holidays, she loved Nelson and would happily move here, it has been a hard time for her as she had to move away from all her friends and school because of  the quakes also their house will have to be rebuilt. She was also a prem at 2 lb 12 and is doing great.
I also have a milestone happening this week , more of that at a later date!!
Take care all ........and have a great week wherever you are.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching Up And New Things

Well it seems ages since I posted here and it has been! I had a week away with the family in Greymouth at the CCS house it was a nice break, it rained a lot but it was nice and relaxing as always.

Been busy as usual with knitting and I had my first market! It was at Richmond, it is a small market with just a few stalls but very friendly people. It was -1 deg that morning so we all had multiple layers of clothing on but we were lucky to have a sunny spot. The G kids were a great help.

I have made several knitted items another Milo Vest in Vp Max for my friends new to be grandson. It looks lovely and it is the first time doing this with cables.

I also made an Autumn Cardigan by Kelly Brooker. This is great garment for layering as we head into spring.

Made some little shrugs too that are so cute.

I have also started a new venture and things to sell on my market, HANDMADE BUTTONS!

I have really enjoyed creating these none of them turn out quite as I had envisioned but too cute! I reckoned as they are handmade any thing goes! No more hunting around for buttons now to go on my knitting, I can make just what I need ,it really puts my stamp on them.

Well I am hoping for some sunshine this weekend as we have been having so much rain and not too many frosts, the daffs are coming out...... lovely can't wait for spring.

Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More WIPs and F/O

Hello everyone hope you are all keeping warm here in NZ, very cold and frosty and I can even see a light dusting of snow on the Stoke hills, unusual for us .

What better things you can do on a cold but sunny wintery day but make homemade bread and of course The Pumpkin Soup! AND KNIT of course.

I have finished a few items the first being Patricks sock in VP yarn in a green grey colour, he absolutely loves them, its the only things to keep his feet warm in his freezing office. I just managed to get a pair out of his size 12 feet with a little bit left I knit till 8 ins then did a 12 in foot, phew!!

I also made Georgia a pair of fairisle socks out of some oddments of VP yarn.

I purchased 4 skeins of Needlefood 4 ply sock yarn off trademe. I have wanted to try this for ages, but you can no longer get it so was thrilled with this find and have started some Monkey socks one of my favourite sock patterns that I also come back too and my plain ones I always use this pattern f I have made it dozens of times. I found it in a book called Knitting Rules which you must read, very funny and great for begginer knitters.

With the raspberry Needlefood I think I will make another Sunday Market Shawl, well mine is a scarf really as I made it in 4 ply opposed to 8 ply but I love this scarf and am never not wearing it, even in the house!

I also stared a little Pebble Vest last night this is a great free pattern that knits up quick and is great for newborns, I am doing it in Utiku Multis Oasis and looks great, getting the button is the hardest part. Thanks to all the lovely designers on Ravelry who share their patterns for free. I love this site, it is so awesome you must try it and see that is if you are into knitting or crochet.

Well the sun is out in the back garden so must put washing out and hopefully it will dry today.

Have a good day wherever you are in this wonderful world we live in.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Winter Warmers

Well its all about keeping warm here right now, minus 3 the other morning brr!! I am not a fan of the cold I must admit so have been busy knitting some things for ME for a change!
I have had my eye on this lovely tunic,'"on Ravelry to knit, every project looks lovely and suits all types of figures, even mine, ha ha. I don't buy many patterns off Ravelry but this one I had to have, I have not been disappointed at all. I brought some reasonably priced 4 ply baby yarn from Utiku wools in Taihape this is merino and lovely and soft and a fabulous raspberry colour I brought 6 balls but used just under 5 I am definitely going to make this again,It is so warm. The designer is Vera Valimaki and if you are not a member of Ravelry you must join and take a look at all her patterns so many I want to try as I love her classic designs. Her blog is here
I also finished some socks for me using some wool off trade me from Joy Of Yarn love this wool.
Lindsey badly needed some too and Georgia and Joel  and Patrick, the list goes on but it is true that once people have sampled Merino or wool socks they never ever want to go back to shop brought ones, who can blame them they are just finding out what  we have known for ages!!
I also finished James 3rd Milo vest and I think it turned out great and would go lovely with jeans. I also made a little pair of mitts.
I have just started a pair of fingerless mitts for Josh he will be glad of them I think.
Well I have got the pumpkin soup and homemade bread on for Joel and Georgia as they are coming for lunch as Josh has Hydro. That will keep us warm as it has only got to 6 deg!
Keep warm if you are this side of the world

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was very excited to cast on for my first Milo vest I have been longing to knit this for a long

time as over 4000 people have knitted this on Ravelry. Love the simplicity of this knit all done in the round, no seams ...... Bliss!

Tikki the designer on Ravelry has a bit of a competition going in May to knit her design and to win some lovely yarn.

I made both for James who is 2 and I made the size 3 with 4 length and just fits him! I am loving the autumn colours right now. The first I made with mainly Vintage Purls Max a beautiful soft and squishy Merino wool.

I have just finished a second in Avocado and Oasis from The Wool Company Utiku wools. While this is not as soft as the Max I think it will be very warm and hard wearing I washed it is conditioner for blocking to soften it a little.

I have also made several Reike Hats for the Grandchildren big and small, its such an easy pattern and quite trendy in its simplicity.

Been enjoying the beautiful sunny Autumn days after the frost, this is a lovely time of the year the colours are so beautiful can you tell I love autumn colours and they are the ones I like to wear!

I am still ploughing through my Still Light Tunic it is an epic knit, I'm liking it so far, have nearly finished the first sleeve and only got one more then the pockets. I can see this being very warm for winter.

Have a great week all


Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today the family came round for lunch just as I was putting these in the oven.

I havent made these for years and years but always made these when my children were small.

The recipe came from the first book I brought after emigrating to NZ when we lived in Matamata in 1974.

The recipe calls them Banbury cakes but I know them as Eccles cakes, think they will now be known as Speccles cakes as that is what Josh thought they were!!!

Here is the recipe I did put in the ground almonds but never used too, they are nice either way andthe lot minus 2 got eaten in next to no time a real winner here.

The Recipe

8 oz puff pastry

2oz butter

2oz brown sugar

1 egg yolk

4 oz currants ( I put a mix 6oz, currants and mixed fruit as I had it in the pantry

2 oz chopped candied peel( this I omited as it was in the mixed fruit)

2 Tlbs ground almonds

1/4 tsp mixed spice

Roll out pastry thinly and cut into 5 inch 13 cm rounds. Cream butter and sugar til soft beat in egg yolk, then the curant peel almonds and spice. Put 1tsp, I put a little more. On each pastry round draw edges together moistening top edge. Press lightlytogether to form oval or circle as mine were and turn over and flatten with hand. Brush with milk and sprinkle thickly with sugar ( i used white sugar) and bake for 25 mins I couldnt read the temp so cooked mine at about 175

I wont be buying mine from the bakery anymore these are so flaky and light and so delicious!!!

I had some wool arrive from Utiku The wool company today so I have lots of projects to be getting on with.

I started my first Milo pattern yesterday and am loving this have been wanting to make one for ages, It is being held again this year for Milo May where people get together on Ravelry to knit the pattern. I have taken some pics but not quite finished and cannot get the colours right will try and get better pics with Dans camera.

Lovely day here today, the sun finally burst through the cloud at lunchtime

Do have a lovely weekend friends and family wherever you are.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Well it is Anzac Day today here in New Zealand, a holiday and a time to remember those who gave their lives so we could have freedom. I remember as a child we always went to the Rememberance day parade in Northampton England as my dad was in the 2nd world war. He was only about  18 or 19 when he signed up and I remember him saying he had his 21st birthday going past the Rock Of Gibralter with the BEF.
He managed to get to Dunkirk after being detached from his battalion and was rescued by brave sailors on a Paddle steamer who took him off the beaches there.
He served in North Africa and was captured not long after getting married in September 1942. They had only 3 days together before going back......... she didnt see him for 3 years!!
He spent time as a POW in a transit camp in Italy then in Germany.

My Dad didn talk much about his experiences but then most of them didnt,  he always had time for his cobbers who he used to meet at the Regimental Club,I think he made it back to Dunkirk one time with his mates.
Thinking Of you Dad...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anyone For Cake?

See my yummy cakes (soaps) from my very talented daughter Julie, of soapsensations

There are also some natural soaps seaweed, cucumber chocolate etc I especially love the detox soap (Not shown).

Josh has been helping me do this blog and the photo's. He has done a great job, well done Josh.

We are just off to town for a look around the shops but it will be crazy with kids (school holidays!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On The Knitting Front

I have been quite busy knitting this last week or so. I was looking for a top I could make out of 2 delicious skeins of VP…… Only had 10 g left! This( Tappan Zee) only took about 4 days to make and I really enjoyed it. I added 7 stithces to the underarms as no way was it going to fit otherwise, I decreased 10 of them out about halfway down, over a couple of rows, as I didnt want it bagging out at the back. I think it is a perfect fit with lovely drape, I am not into wearing shawls so it is is a lovely alternative. I also found some handmade buttons I had made a while ago, they matched beautifully. After blocking it grew in length but I can live with that. I cant wait to get some more sock so I can cast on another!

I also made a lovely hat called Rikke which is a free pattern. I used Vintage Purls Max. It only took me a few hours of mindless K&P in fact I quite enjoy purling! I did have to learn to do German Twisted cast on which took me a while to master with the help of the tutorial above, got it sussed now though. Only did it to 7 ins before decreasing as I didnt want it too slouchy as it is going to be a hat for Beka who likes beanies, I hope she likes it , I dont think I saw one I didnt like on Ravelry. I am now casting on for another.

Yesterday I received another box of beautiful soaps from Julie my daughter of soapsensations

They smell divine and I am just waiting for them to cure for a short time then I will indulge.

Truly awesome and your creations too Beka!

Well it is time for a cuppa

Have lovely day wherever you are


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Instalment of VP Summer Sock Club

Today I recieved the last instalment of the VP Summer sock club, I was very very pleased with it, the best ever, love everything about it the scrummy yarn, really neat pattern with so many things going on in it. I am going to enjoy knitting these beauties! It is very strange that these are knit in linen stitch as I have been looking all week on Ravelry for patterns in this stitch!

I love the colour, I must admit I am not into brights so this is right up my alley or as my grand children say (Your Cup Of Tea!) I am forgetting what else was in the parcel, 2 lovely wooden buttons to go on the mitts and a chocolate toastie havent had one of these for years but will soon remedy that in a minute!.

Today I also go another parcel from VP some lovely sock yarn in a stunning green that is destined to become socks for SIL and G/child who loves green. Still have to find another colour for the other G Child who I think used to love yellow but now he is nearly 21 that may have changed! Morag also replaced one of my tips that had snapped great customer service there

I have made a couple of things this last week or so some socks and mitts in more lovely VP yarn but have gifted them so no pics. Also made a lovely cabled hat but for who not sure, I really like cables at the moment.

The weather has been great this last few days so hot seems like we are getting a bit of summer after all, better late than never.

I do hope you have a great Easter with lots of happy times with family and friends.



Monday, March 26, 2012

House Guest !!!

This week I have had a lovely house guest. Flicka is a lovely canary belonging to Georgia, only a baby really. They have been on holiday for a week so I had a break too. I must admit I will miss this little bird as he has been company for me.

Surprisingly considering the free time I had this week I dont seem to have achieved very much on the knitting front. Managed to start several projects but not just right. I did finish a few more Swirl Hats one of my favourite patterns for babies.

I also ordered a beautiful pink sock yarn from Vintage Purls, and just looking at some of my other skeins they are all brights which is not usually my cup of tea much preferring autumn tones. These are not earmarked for me though.

I also finished some Magic Slippers you can find the pattern here I love this little pattern a bit fiddly but quick to make in your leftover sock yarn.

Caught up with my friend Ruth yesterday for lunch it was good to see her and hear all the news of her trip to the UK at Christmas time. The weather was lovely we sat outside in the sun and I made some bread for lunch.

It is getting noticeable cooler these morning though and find I want to stay under the covers for a bit longer!
Last Friday was Joels 8th birthday and we all went out for lunch to 623 On he Rocks, it was a lovely day with both grandparents and great Grannie who is her 96th year, she is amazing!

Well the kids will be picking me up soon for another sleepover and to return dear little Flicka or Birdie as I call him with a list of things he likes to eat! I figure he has been quite spoilt here!
Have a lovely week all


Monday, March 5, 2012

Phew! Quickest Socks Ever

On Wednesday afternoon I received a lovely skein of sock yarn from Vintage Purls thought this would be a good colour for Patrick for his birthday, I failed to realize his birthday was on the 12Th March. Started that evening and finished them last night.!! 4 days . He has size 12 feet so I had a marathon task...... finished with a few grams to spare!

I have been waiting for my 2Nd instalment of Morags sock club and as yet it hasn't arrived I am really disappointed as everybody else seems to have received theirs. Hope it hasn't gone missing.

There have been a few F.O. this last week, I made a really nice top Sassy metrical you can find the pattern here. I really loved knitting this all in one piece doing the sleves magic loop. I brought the wool off of Trademe while it was lovely wool and colours it wasn't very soft so I soaked it in conditioner and it was much better. I had to do a bit of math for this one which is not my forte but would like to make another.

I also finished a couple of cable baby hats with socks to match. Love these together, the colour is more teal than pic.

Last but not least is another love this little card it is so easy to knit the pattern is great and it is free although there is The Beyond Puerperium which I think would be great to purchase. I think it would get much use.

Oh I nearly forgot I ordered some wool from Skeinz online store and brought a variety of different wool to try, they all look very nice, watch this space for more F. O. in this yarn!!! Bonus is you get free shipping for orders over $50!!

Well must be time for a cuppa and more knitting and waiting for that elusive parcel!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

These Smell Amazing!!

Today I received the soaps from my daughter Julie that she promised. These she says are seconds but to me they are all perfect and smell fantastic. They are all made from scratch using the best ingredients. Love the strawberry cheesecake, the peppermint/choc and the one that smells like candyfloss, cant remember what the others are so you will just have to go wander over to her website soap sensations and her very popular blog The Happy Housewife to see what I mean. You will not be disappointed

Julie you are so talented and I am so proud of what you have done, you have a real eye for detail and come up with brilliant ideas for your soap, especially love your snow freeze . A bonus is my house smells lovely,. Thank you heaps.

Oparara Arch

Oparara Arch

Bush Robin?

Bush Robin?
Sharing Lunch

Mirror Tarn

Mirror Tarn

Bush Walk

Bush Walk
Nearly There

Scotts Beach

Scotts Beach
Worth the Walk