Monday, March 26, 2012

House Guest !!!

This week I have had a lovely house guest. Flicka is a lovely canary belonging to Georgia, only a baby really. They have been on holiday for a week so I had a break too. I must admit I will miss this little bird as he has been company for me.

Surprisingly considering the free time I had this week I dont seem to have achieved very much on the knitting front. Managed to start several projects but not just right. I did finish a few more Swirl Hats one of my favourite patterns for babies.

I also ordered a beautiful pink sock yarn from Vintage Purls, and just looking at some of my other skeins they are all brights which is not usually my cup of tea much preferring autumn tones. These are not earmarked for me though.

I also finished some Magic Slippers you can find the pattern here I love this little pattern a bit fiddly but quick to make in your leftover sock yarn.

Caught up with my friend Ruth yesterday for lunch it was good to see her and hear all the news of her trip to the UK at Christmas time. The weather was lovely we sat outside in the sun and I made some bread for lunch.

It is getting noticeable cooler these morning though and find I want to stay under the covers for a bit longer!
Last Friday was Joels 8th birthday and we all went out for lunch to 623 On he Rocks, it was a lovely day with both grandparents and great Grannie who is her 96th year, she is amazing!

Well the kids will be picking me up soon for another sleepover and to return dear little Flicka or Birdie as I call him with a list of things he likes to eat! I figure he has been quite spoilt here!
Have a lovely week all


Monday, March 5, 2012

Phew! Quickest Socks Ever

On Wednesday afternoon I received a lovely skein of sock yarn from Vintage Purls thought this would be a good colour for Patrick for his birthday, I failed to realize his birthday was on the 12Th March. Started that evening and finished them last night.!! 4 days . He has size 12 feet so I had a marathon task...... finished with a few grams to spare!

I have been waiting for my 2Nd instalment of Morags sock club and as yet it hasn't arrived I am really disappointed as everybody else seems to have received theirs. Hope it hasn't gone missing.

There have been a few F.O. this last week, I made a really nice top Sassy metrical you can find the pattern here. I really loved knitting this all in one piece doing the sleves magic loop. I brought the wool off of Trademe while it was lovely wool and colours it wasn't very soft so I soaked it in conditioner and it was much better. I had to do a bit of math for this one which is not my forte but would like to make another.

I also finished a couple of cable baby hats with socks to match. Love these together, the colour is more teal than pic.

Last but not least is another love this little card it is so easy to knit the pattern is great and it is free although there is The Beyond Puerperium which I think would be great to purchase. I think it would get much use.

Oh I nearly forgot I ordered some wool from Skeinz online store and brought a variety of different wool to try, they all look very nice, watch this space for more F. O. in this yarn!!! Bonus is you get free shipping for orders over $50!!

Well must be time for a cuppa and more knitting and waiting for that elusive parcel!


Oparara Arch

Oparara Arch

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Bush Robin?
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Mirror Tarn

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