Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Well it is Anzac Day today here in New Zealand, a holiday and a time to remember those who gave their lives so we could have freedom. I remember as a child we always went to the Rememberance day parade in Northampton England as my dad was in the 2nd world war. He was only about  18 or 19 when he signed up and I remember him saying he had his 21st birthday going past the Rock Of Gibralter with the BEF.
He managed to get to Dunkirk after being detached from his battalion and was rescued by brave sailors on a Paddle steamer who took him off the beaches there.
He served in North Africa and was captured not long after getting married in September 1942. They had only 3 days together before going back......... she didnt see him for 3 years!!
He spent time as a POW in a transit camp in Italy then in Germany.

My Dad didn talk much about his experiences but then most of them didnt,  he always had time for his cobbers who he used to meet at the Regimental Club,I think he made it back to Dunkirk one time with his mates.
Thinking Of you Dad...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anyone For Cake?

See my yummy cakes (soaps) from my very talented daughter Julie, of soapsensations

There are also some natural soaps seaweed, cucumber chocolate etc I especially love the detox soap (Not shown).

Josh has been helping me do this blog and the photo's. He has done a great job, well done Josh.

We are just off to town for a look around the shops but it will be crazy with kids (school holidays!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On The Knitting Front

I have been quite busy knitting this last week or so. I was looking for a top I could make out of 2 delicious skeins of VP…… Only had 10 g left! This( Tappan Zee) only took about 4 days to make and I really enjoyed it. I added 7 stithces to the underarms as no way was it going to fit otherwise, I decreased 10 of them out about halfway down, over a couple of rows, as I didnt want it bagging out at the back. I think it is a perfect fit with lovely drape, I am not into wearing shawls so it is is a lovely alternative. I also found some handmade buttons I had made a while ago, they matched beautifully. After blocking it grew in length but I can live with that. I cant wait to get some more sock so I can cast on another!

I also made a lovely hat called Rikke which is a free pattern. I used Vintage Purls Max. It only took me a few hours of mindless K&P in fact I quite enjoy purling! I did have to learn to do German Twisted cast on which took me a while to master with the help of the tutorial above, got it sussed now though. Only did it to 7 ins before decreasing as I didnt want it too slouchy as it is going to be a hat for Beka who likes beanies, I hope she likes it , I dont think I saw one I didnt like on Ravelry. I am now casting on for another.

Yesterday I received another box of beautiful soaps from Julie my daughter of soapsensations

They smell divine and I am just waiting for them to cure for a short time then I will indulge.

Truly awesome and your creations too Beka!

Well it is time for a cuppa

Have lovely day wherever you are


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Instalment of VP Summer Sock Club

Today I recieved the last instalment of the VP Summer sock club, I was very very pleased with it, the best ever, love everything about it the scrummy yarn, really neat pattern with so many things going on in it. I am going to enjoy knitting these beauties! It is very strange that these are knit in linen stitch as I have been looking all week on Ravelry for patterns in this stitch!

I love the colour, I must admit I am not into brights so this is right up my alley or as my grand children say (Your Cup Of Tea!) I am forgetting what else was in the parcel, 2 lovely wooden buttons to go on the mitts and a chocolate toastie havent had one of these for years but will soon remedy that in a minute!.

Today I also go another parcel from VP some lovely sock yarn in a stunning green that is destined to become socks for SIL and G/child who loves green. Still have to find another colour for the other G Child who I think used to love yellow but now he is nearly 21 that may have changed! Morag also replaced one of my tips that had snapped great customer service there

I have made a couple of things this last week or so some socks and mitts in more lovely VP yarn but have gifted them so no pics. Also made a lovely cabled hat but for who not sure, I really like cables at the moment.

The weather has been great this last few days so hot seems like we are getting a bit of summer after all, better late than never.

I do hope you have a great Easter with lots of happy times with family and friends.



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Oparara Arch

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Bush Robin?
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