Monday, August 29, 2016

Reporting from Hamilton

Its been a lovely few days visiting family in Hamilton. Weather has been awfully cold and rainy. Lovely having cuddl
es with Lucy she a really good baby.
Yesterday we went for a 4 hour walk to the River I was pooped but had a coffe break before walking home. One day we braved the rain and went to Hamilton Gardens it was nice to get out and gardens lovely.
We tomorrow I head home and will really appreciate sunny Nelson even more!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Getting Excited!

Well I am busy packing to go visit my newest granddaughter Lucy  Rose, she's just over 5 months, cant wait to have cuddles. Everybody seems to have the flu at present so I'm being careful and keeping myself away from the bugs!
I have finished a few knits, Linds fell inn love with the Starshower Cowl so we have been doing it together

Was knitted in some Skeinz undyed sock yarn in a lovely forest green was trying to dye to match a cardi! This is a colour I never wear but sick of pinks reds etc and I have a gold mustard merino that I think it will look nice with.
I also managed to get some sock blanks off trade-me and wanted to hand paint them. I was really pleased how they turned out very time consuming so the 2nd one I splattered dye on. I dunked them in a pale turquoise  dye for the base really happy how they turned out, I see shawls happening, so delicate. Couldn't get all the crinkles out though but it doesn't worry me.
I've just finished a pair of plain vanilla Socks  to take up North and have another pair on the needles going to try knit on plane or while waiting only got 40 mins between the 2 flights hope it's not windy tomorrow  as not a fan of flying into Wellington!
well better go up the shops before it rains. Be back next week!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Here I am Again!

Well it s been over a year since posting here and thought it was time to resurrect  this page, must admit Instagram and Facebook have been my go to places for social media.
Well here in sunny Nelson it is winter and freezing but still sunny! -3 this morning so I am knitting hard out trying to keep up with socks hats baby clothes etc.
On the dyeing front I haven't dyed for months as I have quit the markets and will try and sell my yarn and knits on a different platform maybe Facebook or my own website, so watch this space. I did dye a few skeins on the weekend and really enjoyed it but freezing in my shed, I had forgotten how much i love dyeing yarn and the excitement of never knowing how it will turn out, love the surprise.

Seem to be dyeing a few spring colours wonder why!!! The Sapphire blue one was a custom dyed sock yarn for Lind's although she may make a scarf with it too nice to hide in shoes perhaps!! I am so excited waiting for some dyes I ordered from the States, cant wait to see what I can do with them!
The yarn I am using is all NZ wool which I always use now, the 100 gram 217 mtrs DK super-wash I sell for $19 and the 4 ply 357 mtrs  for $24  depending on base used.
Well i am super excited to report that I am a grandmother for the 9th time, baby Lucy Rose was born in March and I am going to see her soon so I cant wait, she will be 5 months then, that ditch of water between the North and South Island makes things tricky for  travelling up North. So all the baby thoings I had knitted for the markets which I dont do anymore have come in really handy, plus I a have been making lots of things for her. Here are 2 I made the Liesel link to my Rav page
and Sunnyside 

I also got to visit Hamilton in January for my eldest grandson Ben's
wedding to Nicole. Me and Linds had a great time.
well my fingers are freezing up typing this so must go and thaw out in the sun.
So glad to be back and hope to be back on a regular basis now

Oparara Arch

Oparara Arch

Bush Robin?

Bush Robin?
Sharing Lunch

Mirror Tarn

Mirror Tarn

Bush Walk

Bush Walk
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Scotts Beach

Scotts Beach
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